This is the official page of the Realistic Environment mod.

This mod desaturates and removes some of the brightness from the terrain, grass, rocks and vegetation in the original 3 states of ATS to give a more realistic look to the game. SCS employed desaturation techniques in New Mexico and Oregon so no changes are made to specific textures for those states.

Compatibility Latest Version: 1.36 – 1.32

Compatible with maps.

Changes in 2.2
Updated for 1.32

Download v2.2 for 1.36 – 1.32
(Sharemods 85mb)

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Older Versions
Download Link v2.1 for 1.31 – 1.6 (Sharemods 88mb)

Download link v2.1 for 1.5, 1.4(Sharemods 88mb) … 2.scs.html

Credits: Grimes